How To Shop Italian Leather Handbag

it is important to hold the bag close to your face and breathe in the scent of the leather. If it is odor free you are on the right track however even if you get a whiff of any kind of residual chemical or dyes, give the product a miss. Genuine Italian leather should always be soft and supple to the touch, anything inferior to that is not worth your money.

Lining and Stitching

While genuine Italian leather is important, proper craftsmanship is also imperative.  Open the bag and check the lining and stitching. Lower end products are generally lined with polyester cloth where as a great high end product is bound to be lined with silk or leather. Take a good look at the stitching; a bag not put together in the right fashion is a pure waste of your money.

Preview Before Buying

It is generally wiser to take a shopping tour and look at a number of brands and products before you make your final choice. Spontaneous buying often leads to regret at a later stage. Check out more than just a few products, make a mental note of them or take pictures on your camera phone. Take a little time to think about your purchase before deciding on any one product. You can take any of your friends who has excellent knowledge on the top brands showcasing the finest Italian bags for men or women.

If you are looking ahead to shop the bag made of the skin of exotic animals such as snakes, crocodiles rare fox etc, you need to visit the designer store with the license of manufacturing and selling such products.

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